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The Canadian capital Ottawa is rich in restaurants and restaurants. With the federal election looming, Don, Jen and foodieprint take you on a tour of Ottawa's restaurants to find out where to eat in Ottawa over the weekend.

Some of the larger restaurants in the city centre also offer early bird discounts of 16 to 30%. You can also visit the Little Italy neighbourhood on Preston Street or the Glebe district to sample Indian cuisine. For more Ottawa restaurants, head south of Parliament Hill, but where to find them? Bank Street is the city centre, but further south, towards St John's, where you will find a variety of restaurants and bars as well as some of Ottawa's most popular restaurants.

Prices may be higher than the competition, but that's to be expected when you get some of Ottawa's best Asian food delivered to your doorstep. Supply and demand are a 15-minute drive from downtown Ottawa, and it's worth driving if you need an extra meal to eat. If you're like me, you can't go wrong with Stella Luna in Ottawa's Glebe district. This popular restaurant in St. John's has many dining options and the price is suitable for all tastes.

Corazon de Maiz in Ottawa is number 15 on Tripadvisor for Ottawa restaurants, which is a pretty impressive achievement, and it's a great place for a lunch or a snack. The main restaurant in Ottawa is divided into three main courses, with almost all the red meat coming from Canada. The 18 Ottawa starters include raw options with a focus on seafood, as well as salads, soups and sandwiches. It is the perfect place to enjoy some local meats and fish, as well as a good selection of wine and beer.

Le Baccara in Ottawa acts like a fantastic open kitchen, as you can watch the experts in the kitchen preparing it.

Downtown Ottawa has quite a lot to offer, and quite a lot to offer, see our curated list of restaurants. There are a number of Asian food festivals worth visiting in the city, but if you want to take a detour, click here for a quick guide to some of the best restaurants in Ottawa, as well as some tips and tricks. We have a number of Ottawa restaurants on offer that we recommend to locals to meet and explore, so check it out!

Check out the list below to see which restaurants in Ottawa are worth visiting in the coming months. Let's take a look at some of our favorite restaurants in Ottawa Canada for the month of October. Make sure you welcome the graduates of Algonquin College to this hotel, they are one of the best in town and worth a visit.

Indian restaurant in Ottawa has everything you need, from spicy South Indian culinary delights to spicy North Indian dishes. Like other Indian restaurants in Ottawa Canada, Haldi's offers Indian cuisine that will definitely satisfy your desires.

Indian restaurants for those who can't afford to go to upscale restaurants to enjoy their favorites. Indian restaurants in Ottawa Canada for the upscale restaurant goers and those who can't afford to go to the upscale restaurant to enjoy their favorite.

While temperatures are slowly rising and getting more fun out of the house, these five chic restaurants in Ottawa are worth a visit. Halifax has a lot of fun to do, from visiting the fantastic Halifax Farmers Market to the breathtaking views of the Atlantic from the Halifax Harbour Bridge to the city's waterfront.

Air Canada's enRoute magazine recognizes local restaurants run by chefs, and the diner is voted one of the top ten restaurants in the country by readers of Xpress Magazine, as well as Air Canada and en Route Magazine. The restaurant has made it onto Canada's 100 Best Restaurants list and has links to Algonquin College. It was recently listed in the Top 100 Restaurants in Canada and ranked 75th in our list of Canada's 100 Most Popular Restaurants for 2017.

I'm not exactly a shellfish, but the plating is also just gorgeous and it's one of the best meals I've had in Ottawa. This small restaurant is included in our list of Canada's 100 Best Restaurants for 2017 in the category of "Great Service and Delicious Food." One of those restaurants that makes you want to try it out, but later finds out that it is ranked 46th on our list of the best restaurants in Canada for the list of 100 restaurants in 2017.

One of Ottawa's best oyster restaurants, Whalesbone Oyster House offers fresh oysters from the sea caught using Ocean Wise certified ethical and sustainable fishing methods. If Ottawa is a seafood destination, whale grass is worth a visit, especially if you're in the Ottawa area.

This small, family-run restaurant has become a must for those with a little money and offers ways to simplify your choices. There are undoubtedly a variety of delicacies, but there is none better than that of Mandarin Ogilvie. Ottawa's Restaurant of the Night is Le Baccara, one of Canada's most popular restaurants and one of Ottawa's most popular. French inspired menu, there are many options on the menu such as macaroni and cheese, and there is also a wide selection of wines. One of my favourite things about Le Cote d'Ivoire is its tasting menu.

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