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The National Gallery of Canada is a must - check out places in Ottawa knowing that you will see LOTS of Canadian art. This charming history museum is worth a visit, not only for the history of how the city became the capital of Canada, but also to learn more about how Ottawa became the center of "Canadian politics." Located in the heart of downtown Ottawa, just blocks from the Canadian Museum of Natural History, this museum is not only a great place to learn about our city, it is also absolutely beautiful. You can absolutely sneak into the Ottawa River, so you should enjoy the view if you happen to get there.

Admission is free from 5 to 8 p.m., but it is open late and visitors should plan at least half a day in the museum if they want to experience as much history as possible in one day. If you are visiting a city-centre museum or travelling to and from the airport in this city, read our guide to Ottawa's most popular museums and attractions for more information.

Then take a look at our National Museum Pass, which includes all seven national museums, including the Canadian Natural History Museum, the National Gallery of Canada and the Royal Ontario Museum. Children will probably know this museum best, with its galleries of fossil skeletons, but there are also levels, some of which are described elsewhere on this page, as well as a number of other exhibits.

Imagine the Museum of Natural History, which you would see in any other city, but with a slightly stronger focus on the natural history of Canada's past.

The Canadian War Museum was greatly expanded when it took over the old building of the Public Archives of Canada in 1967 and became a branch of the National Museum of Canada two years later. Both institutions were divided into two separate museums, the latter remaining as the Victoria Memorial Museum. The Canadian Museum of Natural History and the Royal Canadian Legion Museum continue to share the same building in Ottawa. The only purpose - to build the Federal Museum in the country - was to build a suitable building in which the museum's collection of more than 100,000 artifacts from Canadian military history can be housed.

The Canadian Museum of History Corporation also manages the Virtual Museum New France, which focuses on French colonial history in Canada (see "New France"). If you want to learn more about the history of Canadian colonial history and its relationship with the United States, be sure to visit the Canadian Experience Galleries. Further information on the history of the museum, exhibitions, exhibits and special events can be found here.

The city on the border with Ontario and Quebec in southern Canada is not only the administrative capital of Canada, but also the capital of museums and culture, where there are certainly few better places to spend a few days of vacation in Canada than the Canadian War Museum. The Bytown Museum may be small on the list, but it is as important to the city of Ottawa as the Museum of Civilization, and thus the Museum of the Canadian War. If you want to see the history of the First World War and its impact on Ottawa, visit the War Museum in Ottawa here. Besides the "Museum of Civilization," the American Museum and the Royal Canadian Air Force Museum, they are also huge, so I have published only a few pictures to give you an idea of what to expect.

When all the things to see and do are waiting to happen, Canada has no fewer than seven of its national museums. The Canadian Museum of History has the largest collection of artifacts in the world and is one of Canada's most important museums. This sprawling museum is considered the second largest museum in North America after the American Museum in New York City. It houses some of Canada's most famous artifacts, such as the Royal Canadian Air Force Museum and the Canadian War Museum, as well as many other artifacts.

The Canadian Museum of History is Canada's most visited museum, and with good reason: it highlights the history of Canada, from the country's founding to the founding of our nation and the development of civilization.

As if the Aerospace Museum wasn't amazing enough, it's also a place to go if you're interested in planes, jets and spaceships.

Whether you want to explore one of Canada's national museums and galleries, or visit the Canadian Natural History Museum, Royal Canadian Mint or National Gallery of Art, you've got it for you. Ottawa has many great opportunities to explore Parliament Hill, visit Byward Market, skate on the Rideau Canal and explore Ottawa. There's something for everyone in Ottawa, from a day trip to the Ottawa Art Gallery, a museum tour or even a gallery visit, even some of the museums are free at certain times.

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