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On Friday, April 13, 2018, local leaders gathered at the new Homewood Suites Hilton near Ottawa Airport for an official ribbon cutting ceremony. The gala marked the grand opening of the modernized tower, the first of its kind in the city of Ottawa.

Homewood Suites is owned by a well-known developer and owner of Ottawa Airport, located just blocks from the airport in the heart of downtown.

Located at 361 Queen Street in Ottawa, the hotel is just blocks from Ottawa International Airport and the Canadian Tire Centre. The property is part of Ottawa Airport's new $1.2 billion expansion project, which is scheduled to open in 2019. Another advantage is that there is a direct connection between the airport and Homewood Suites in the heart of downtown Ottawa. It offers excellent views of downtown Ottawa's skyline and downtown, and is just a few blocks from City Hall and Parliament Hill by shuttle bus.

The best way to get away is to stay a week to benefit from the manager's welcome or to enjoy the comfort of a kitchen. As someone who has stayed at the property before, what do you tell others about the Homewood Suites in Ottawa, Canada and their amenities?

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For more information on extended stay benefits, visit the Homewood Suites Longer Stay website or contact us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or email. To receive information on this website in another format, contact us for communication by e-mail or TTY. For more information about the Hilton Garden Inn, visit or visit the newsroom at hilton - com. Connect with HomEWoodSuites for extended stays and connect with us through our social media channels, Facebook and Twitter.

Any questions regarding services should be forwarded to the customer service team and accommodation service. This is a high priority for the Ottawa City Archives and all advertising content will be removed.

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It offers a fully equipped kitchen and is close to hotels and the airport. In the evening, the hotel hosts an evening reception and offers a variety of events for guests and staff.

I am not a regular customer of the hotel, but overall this is a good hotel, which is usually sold out, so you do not get a BRG. Additional value - driven by basic needs - are a fully equipped kitchen, a fully equipped kitchen and a variety of events for the staff. Breakfast and evening receptions are offered to guests, while Hilton status would generally see the property as a better deal. However, it should be noted that there is no Diamond upgrade and Diamond benefits are limited to the upgraded rooms, so it is understood that Homewood Suites is not one of the brands that would normally participate in the upgrade.

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