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Every other week we'll introduce a different city in Canada with a list of great restaurant recommendations that you can check out. With the federal election looming, Don, Jen and foodieprint take you on a tour of Ottawa's restaurants while finding out where to eat in Ottawa this weekend. We # ve mentioned some of Ottawa's best comfort foods in the past, but here's a closer look at how comfort food and fine dining are. It embodies influences ranging from classic French to Canadian English cuisine, and here are some of our top recommendations for the best of everyone, whether it's comfort food or fine cuisine.

If you want a delicious way to explore another culture, you can do nothing wrong with Shawarma and it can be eaten anywhere, but if you need an extra meal, you don't have to beat it at Stella Luna. If you are something like us, you do not need to go down to Stella and Luna as they will give you extra meals to eat.

Fairouz is also a great restaurant in the Middle East serving dishes that span the region from Turkey and Iran to Lebanon, Syria and more. Paula plays a lot with the word "food" in her blog posts, especially in reference to the Middle Eastern food scene in Ottawa.

A delicious dinner and great food in great venues in several neighborhoods with great drinks, great beer and some great beers and drinks.

However, there are few shops in the city where you can crave a sandwich after your meal and not be disappointed. Italian Delis, the best sandwich shop in Ottawa, are the Italian Delis that will delight you with their freshness. This is probably the most popular donut in all of Ottawa, given that it has a flavor that will always come to mind. If you're buying donuts anywhere else in Ottawa, don't hurry, these donuts will be a treat for you.

Ottawa is not exactly squeamish, but they provide great eggs for which BeaverTails is now famous around the world. That's one of the best things Ottawa has to do in terms of breakfast in the city, as they ship their buns and eggs around the country.

Ottawa Valley vegans are aiming to share cider products - and have to try recipes from Ottawa's most popular vegan restaurants. The Ottawa Canada Blog and Ottawa Magazine are a monthly publication that provides the latest news and information about Ottawa, Canada's capital, in affluent neighborhoods and is available by subscription or at a kiosk. For a full story on Ottawa and Canada, read Sights are a Secret for more information on popular Ottawa attractions. This makes it easy for first-time travelers or Ottawa residents who want to learn more about our home.

Experience Food shows its gourmets the best of Ottawa while giving you a taste of Gatineau's restaurant scene. Savour Ottawa recognizes the city as a culinary destination and works to promote our city's food industry to visitors and locals.

If you're a foodie, treat yourself to an Ottawa Food Tour that will fill your stomach and heart. Have a casual lunch at ByWard Market, learn about iconic Canadian dishes and treats, or join us for dinner at one of the best restaurants in town. If you want to enrich your dinner with a contemporary food and wine tour, Ottawa Tasting Tours has something for you. Not only for tourists, these chefs are also open to Ottawa locals who want to discover and rediscover the culinary wonders of their city. Whether you're a local or not, you'll be reminded of our nation's best restaurants when we take you on a tour of some of Ottawa's most popular restaurants and food trucks.

Savour Ottawa offers a Buy Local Food Guide, which provides information about local restaurants and food trucks in Ottawa, as well as a list of local grocery stores. This Canadian Government website provides information on food recalled due to food safety issues, such as food diseases, food allergies and other health issues.

Good Food Ottawa is a website provided by Good Food Canada, an Ottawa-based nonprofit that promotes access to food for members of society. Since 1984, the charity has been collecting and growing food and distributing it to hungry individuals and families in the Ottawa region.

In addition to delicious food from local producers, the Ottawa region also boasts several award-winning wineries. The city is one of the places that Le Cordon Bleu has chosen to train his students, many of whom have achieved culinary fame. One of Ottawa's oldest farmers markets and the largest and most popular farmers market in the city.

Air Canada's enRoute magazine recognizes the best locally owned restaurants in the country, run by local chefs. Xpress Magazine readers voted for the dinners and Fauna made it to the list of Canada's 100 Best Restaurants. The list is number 75, with a list of Ottawa's top ten restaurants in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

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